RANV has a home group page on Groups.IO
The yahoogroups site will no longer be used.
You can participate in two ways:

E-mail subscription
1. E-mails sent to the Reflector are also sent to you.
2. You can send an E-mail to the reflector which will go to the entire group.
3. All new members need to be approved. Please allow a day for this to occur.

To Subscribe, send a blank E-mail to: RANV+subscribe@groups.io
To UnSubscribe, send a blank E-mail to: RANV+unsubscribe@groups.io
To Send E-mail to the Reflector: RANV@groups.io
To Send E-mail to the Group Owner:RANV+owner@groups.io
To get help:RANV+help@groups.io

Join the RANV Group
1. All of the E-mail facilities as specified above.
2. You can get daily digests of E-mails.
3. You can access archives of old posts.
4. You can access files, pictures and other information.

Go To RANV group page: https://groups.io/g/RANV/
You will need to set up a password

Group Etiquette
  1. The group is primarily for discussion of RANV related activities and related amateur radio topics. Please stay within our purpose.
  2. When responding to a question, remember that the message will go to the ENTIRE group. Copy and paste the sender's address into your response if you wish to reply directly and not reply to the entire group.
  3. Remember that everthing you write will be mailed to the 100+ members of the group. Use the facility wisely and know when to go off-group.

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