RANV Summer Picnic

August 2nd, 2009
Kill Kare State Park

As it did all summer long, it rained! But undaunted by the weather, 13 RANV members and family got together for our Summer Picnic at Kill Kare State Park. We set up on the porch of the main house, where it was dry and it provided a nice wind block. Temperatures were quite comfortable. We still managed to get a station on the air with a low dipole and ran some 40 contacts as W1V.

Attendees included: AA1SU AB1DD KB1KPO KB1LIF+Katie N1BQ N1LXI+Agnes N1YD W1DEB W1SJ W1SLR

Agnes and John N1LXI, Debbie W1DEB (trying to scare the cameraman, Jeff N1YD and Sara W1SLR, messing with food. Looks like they are waiting for a train which will never come!
Foreground (L-R): Sara W1SLR, Agnes and John N1LXI, Debbie W1DEB, Jeff N1YD. Background, standing: Jerry KB1KPO and Katie.
Same group. You know who they are, already.
Paul AA1SU runs the pileups as W1V. Equipment: 35A Power Supply, DX-70, Auto CQer, MFJ tuner, Bird Wattmeter, Autotuner (not working), Lays Potato Chips, Potato Salad, Red Box with stuff.
Brian N1BQ on W1V. Barb KB1LIF and Katie watching.

Pictures: W1SJ and N1BQ

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont

August 16, 2009