WB1GQR Hot 515 Repeater Tour

Here is a short tour of the adventures of getting to and maintaining the repeater!

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Walking up. Neal N1ZRA shows how it's done. Remember, this is the EASY section! Wrapping the new repeater up on the sled.
Finally, the top! The building and tower shrouded in fog. The usual ritual of melting the ice out of the lock. Eric N1SRC wielding the torch!
Looking into the building at a smiling W1SJ. It is cramped. 2 FM stations and a pager are on the left side.   Bob and Neal dive out of the way for a picture. The repeater is in the back room. 
The original repeater system. Box is opened up to show what's inside.   Old repeater equipment out front where surgery is underway by Dr. SJ.
New repeater system is opened up. VHF duplexer on right and UHF duplexer temporarily sitting on top. Completed system topped off by a VX5R!
Backup system used for the repeater between June 2002 until January 2003. View from the top!. 
  The new antenna in 2003 - a bit frosty in winter! Closeup of the old antenna. This was an Austin collinear mounted in a fiberglass radome. Fiberglass doesn't do well when bombed by falling ice.
KB1FRW and N1ZRA on the way down.   KB1FRW and W1SJ on the way down.

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
February 25, 2003