Earn your Technician or General Amateur Radio License in a ONE DAY course.

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Upcoming Classes:

Manchester, New Hampshire
Saturday, April 22, 2017 (Technician)
Sunday, April 23, 2017 (General)
Saturday and/or Sunday, 8:30am until 6pm.

Xenia, Ohio
Saturday, May 20, 2017 9AM - 4PM
Special Technician Class at Dayton Hamvention®.

Private Tutoring:
Private lessons can be arranged to suit a variety of schedules and needs.
Contact me for details and costs.

Ham Class For Your Group
Grab at least 4 other friends or colleagues and I can bring you
your own class at times and locations which will work for you.
For those groups located far away, I can come to your classroom
and teach you via videoconferencing!
Contact me for details and costs.

Ham Class at the Ham Fest:
On ocassion, I'm able to offer a Technician Class at Hamfests.
I'm looking to offer classes at the larger Ham Radio Conventions
Contact me if you would like to bring the Ham Class to your show!

On-Line Classes:
Take an Amateur Radio Class right on your computer.
Complete course with lecture, slides, pictures and quizzes.
Technican, General and Extra Classes available.
Go to www.hamclass.net for details


How is the class organized?

Normally, classes are offered on Saturdays and Sundays, 8:30 am until 6:00 pm both days. On the first day (usually Saturday), we learn about all of the topics needed to take the Technician class amateur exam, which is given at the conclusion of class. On the second day (usually Sunday), we repeat the process for the General class amateur exam, which is given at the conclusion of the class. Students can attend both days of classes, (General), or attend on the first day only (Technician) or attend on second day only (existing Technician license to General upgrade).

Just who is the instructor?

Mitch Stern W1SJ teaches the Weekend Ham Radio Class. Mitch has been teaching ham radio for 34 years and has helped hundreds of students get their license. When not teaching ham radio, Mitch teaches electronics, mathematics and computer techniques to high school, college and adult students.

What happens after I enroll?

You will receive an E-mail with information about the course you are enrolled in. This will also contain log-in information for the On-Line Course and a link to download the workbook. The on-line course is an interactive course you take at your computer prior to class day. You study the lessons and practice exams right from home. You then show up for class and the instructor teaches you the rest.

What do I need to know before taking the class?

You need to know that you really want to be a Ham Radio Operator! Other than that, there is no prerequisite for taking the course. Past students have ranged from youngsters to grandparents and from secretaries to electrical engineers.

What happens in class?

After introductions, we start off with rules and regulations. Not only do we discuss the rules, we discuss why the rules are in place and give you ways to remember them all. We continue on with all of the things you need to know - Procedures, Propagation, Practice, Electricity, Components, Circuits, Emissions, Antennas and RF Safety. We talk about the concepts, demonstrate them on our ham station in the classroom, discuss typical exam questions and then test you with a practice quiz.

When do I take the test?

The class concludes each day at 6pm. At that time certified Volunteer Examiners (VE's) come in to administer the tests - Technician on Saturday and General on Sunday. They then tell you that you have passed and will give you a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE). After passing the exam, your license will posted on the FCC database in a few short days and then, you can go on the air!

C'mon, be real, can you really teach all this in 1 or 2 days?

Ask the hundreds of hams to date who have successfully completed this course and are on the air!
If you like statistics, 95% of all students who have taken the course have earned their license.
Here is a list of recent of graduates.

Do I have to learn the Morse Code?

Not anymore! The FCC has dropped the Morse Code Testing requirement for all amateur licenses, effective February 23rd, 2007.

Other instructors teach Weekend Classes - What's so special about your class?

I've been doing longer and better than anyone else in the East! Other Weekend classes show video tapes and serve as nothing more than a review session. The pass rate can often be less than 50% - HALF the students do not get the license and end up frustrated after wasting a weekend. I use well-practiced methods which get results. While taking the Weekend Course will not guarantee you get a license, it comes pretty close to that. In any case, your instructor will not rest until you get that valued license from the FCC!

Don't put your amateur radio education in the hands of amateurs!

How do you do it (teach the class, that is)?

I use an old ham family recipe! Actually, there is no secret - hard work and dedication are used to see that everyone does well. My job isn't done until you're on the air. Even then, you can still call with questions.

I really want to take the class, but I can't make any of the posted dates. When is the next class being offered?

I usually offer the class in March-April and October-November. This depends on demand for the classes. If you have a group of 5 or more, I will go on the road and bring the class to your group! I also offer private instruction tailored to your needs. I have a new program called the ON-LINE CLASS where I appear on your computer and conduct an amateur radio class right in your home, anytime you want!
But don't delay! NOW is the time to get your HAM LICENSE!

I'm ready to go - How do I enroll?

You must enroll in the class prior to classtime! You can enroll securely from this site using the link below. Or if you need to speak directly with me, call the number below. I will go over the enrollment and course details. It is imperative that you enroll as soon as possible to allow time to do the pre-study exercises prior to class. Don't wait!

What is this ON-LINE course you speak of? How does it work?

Through the power of computers and the Internet, I have come up with a way to come right to your home (via computer) and teach you Ham Radio! The ON-LINE course features slides, pictures, diagrams and lectures from your teacher! You get to ask questions, take practice tests and get feedback and encouragement. It is almost as good as coming to the live class. However, the ON-LINE course is not for everyone. You will need a fairly modern multimedia computer and reliable Internet connection. You will also need to be able to make sure you do all of your lessons and homework to be successful! Learn more by going directly to the

Well, that answers all your questions. So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The world of AMATEUR RADIO awaits you.

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Ham Radio Class
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Have questions, or details you want to discuss by phone?
Call: 802-879-6589 weekdays 1-9PM.
Make sure to leave a call back number and best time to call

E-mail Contact

Include your full name, your location, the course you are interested in and a callback phone number.
I need this information to give you the correct information.

E-mail Instructor: w1sj@arrl.net


Manchester, NH, November 12-13, 2016     9 New Hams     6 pass General

KC1GPN Clint Burt Hudson NH None Tech
KC1GPO Craig Duncan Londonderry NH None Tech
KC1GPP Carolyn Snyder Londonderry NH None Tech
KC1GPQ Arthur Hapenney Norwood MA None Tech
KC1GPR Jonathan Niebla Derry NH None Tech
KC1GPS Jason Wells Medway MA None Tech
KC1GPT Malcolm Nixon Lyndeborough NH None Gen
KD2MFU Ports Bishop Brooklyn NY None Gen
KD2MFV Lucy Helton Brooklyn NY None Gen
N1USI Steve Jones Milford NH Tech Gen
KB1IHU Chuck Cotnoir Vineyard Haven MA Tech Gen
KC1ESF Pat Heffernan Concord NH Tech Gen

Essex, VT October 8, 2016     3 New Hams

KC1GKX Jeff Hiatt Hampton Falls NH None Tech
KC1GKY Tim Stamp Wellesley MA None Tech
KC1EKZ Richard McEntire East Barre VT None Tech

Dayton, OH May 21, 2016     17 New Hams

KC3HET Peggy Metts Owings Mills MD
KM4UDA David Glasser Davenport FL
KM4UDC Aaron Jones Williamsburgh KY
KE8EIP Jerry Flexman Xenia OH
KE8EIR Donna McCollom Salem WV
KE8EIY Joel Brown Chillicothe OH
KE8EJC Andrew Dimarzio Cincinnati OH
KE8EJD James Henderson Centerville OH
KE8EJE Shawn Joers Cedarville OH
KE8EJF Cindy Kuntzman Franklin OH
KE8ELC Gabe Huff Dayton OH
KE8EOB Andrew Kuntzman Franklin OH
KE8ELD Brian Stanford Union OH
KD9GIC Ben Ennis Chicago IL
KD9GIG Jerry Loomis Shoals IN
KD9GII Syed Karim Chicago IL
KD9GIJ Emily Ray Sharpsville IN

Burlington, VT April 23-24, 2016     3 New Hams     3 pass General

KC1FOH Adam Boyle Barre VT None Tech
KC1FOI Sue Martin Roxbury ME None Tech
KC1FOJ Zebulon Maxfield Waterville VT None Gen
KB1YTO Richard Garfield Johnson VT Tech Gen
KC1CJN Charles Jessee Bedford NH Tech Gen

Manchester, NH April 16-17, 2016     11 New Hams     2 pass General

KC1FMUFred Carnes Hudson MA NoneTech
KC1FMWJohn Couture Manchester NHNoneTech
KC1FMXAndy Demers Manchester NHNoneTech
KC1FMYBob Foudriat Bedford NH NoneTech
KC1FMZLynn Hensch Hudson NH NoneTech
KC1FNACharles McKinnon Derry NH NoneTech
KC1FNBAndrew Giampaolo Derry NH NoneTech
KC1FNCChristopher PrestonNashua NH NoneTech
KC1FNDKristopher ProvencherNashua NH NoneTech
KC1FNEMichael Richer Candia NH NoneTech
KC1FNFPeter Wolczko Amherst NH NoneGen
KC1BPERick Ewans Dunbarton NH TechGen

Manchester, NH November 14-15, 2015     13 New Hams     4 pass General

KC1ESC Kevin Bannon Nashua NH NoneTech
KC1ESD Rick Douglass Suncook NH NoneTech
KC1ESE Cory Henderson Woburn MA NoneGen
KC1ESF Pat Heffernan Concord NH NoneTech
KC1ESG Tony Howd Goffstown NHNoneTech
KC1ESH Steven Johnson Winooski VT NoneTech
KC1ESI Pierce Kirby Vineyard Haven MANoneTech
KC1ESJ Alice Millspaugh New Ipswich NHNoneTech
KC1ESK JP Pontbriand Hampton Falls NHNoneGen
KC1ESL Paula Reed Goffstown NHNoneTech
KC1ESM Joe Silveira Candia NH NoneTech
KC1ESN Donald Smeed Sandwich MA NoneTech
KC1ESP Shaun White Milton MA NoneTech
KB1YWL Don Richardson Nashua NH TechGen
WB9YVJ Susan Richardson Nashua NH TechGen

Dayton, OH May 16, 2015     11 New Hams

KE8BGB Mark Tritz Franklin OH
KE8BGZ William Kuntzman Franklin OH
KE8BHA James Boza Delaware OH
KE8BHB Ronnie Jordan Tipp City OH
KE8BHC Leanne Deforest Loveland OH
KE8BHD Deborah Rodriguez Dayton OH
KE8BHH Michael Repas Chesterland OH
KE8BHI David Williamson Liberty Twp OH
KE8BHJ Janine Williamson Liberty Twp OH
KE8BKV Markus Almstedt Columbus OH
KD9DXS Mike Turner Indianapolis IN

Essex, VT April 25/29, 2015     9 New Hams

KC1DTH Chris Lafrance Milton VT
KC1DTI Mike Lukas Warwick RI
KC1DTJ Mike Pitonyak Berlin VT
KC1DTK Sarah Toscano Hinesburg VT
KC1DTL Michael Saunders Westford VT
KC1DUW Josh Cox Burlington VT
KC1DUX Jason Gosselin Williston VT
KC1DUY Kate Hammond Burlington VT
KC1DUZ Brett Pierce Waterbury VT

Manchester, NH April 18-19, 2015     18 New Hams     6 pass General; 1 pass Extra

KC1DRF Raymond Blethen Londonderry NH None Tech
KC1DRG Keith Brody Barrington NH None Tech
KC1DRH Kevin Carter Peabody MA None Tech
KC1DRI Jeffrey Clark Candia NH None Tech
KC1DRJ Donald Currier Nashua NH None Tech
KC1DRK Bruce Courtney Dunbarton NH None Tech
KC1DRL Dan Inselman Manchester NH None Tech
KC1DRM John Inselman Londonderry NH None Tech
KC1DRN William Johnson Sanbornville NH None Tech
KC1DRO Matt Kirby Manchester NH None Tech
KC1DRP Timothy Mark Goffstown NH None Tech
KC1DRQ Kevin Paige Manchester NH None Tech
KC1DRR Kevin Bell Nashua NH None Gen
KC1DRS Jennifer Brooks Kingston NH None Gen
KC1DRT Sue Gosselin Manchester NH None Tech
KC1DRU Chris McRae Goffstown NH None Gen
KC1DXC Frank Soares South China ME None Tech
AB1XN Terry Willis Bedford NH None Ext
K1RAU Dan Rau Shirley MA Tech Gen
KB1VON Tom Linehan Goffstown NH Tech Gen
KB1ZZB Norman Trombly Rollinsford NH Tech Gen

Manchester, NH November 8-9, 2014     11 New Hams     4 pass General

KC1CTC William Albenzi Merrimack NH None Tech
KC1CTD Mike Anderson Manchester NH None Tech
KC1CTE Bob Boyd Hillsborough NHNone Tech
KC1CTF Ron Cassidy Candia NH None Tech
KC1CTG Robert Chandler Salem NH None Tech
KC1CTH Douglas Dowell Merrimack NH None Gen
KC1CTI Michael Dyne Marlborough MA None Tech
KC1CTJ Nick Johnson Mapleton ME None Tech
KC1CTK Jeffrey Nicholas Hollis NH None Gen
KC1CTL Donna Schinlever Guilford NH None Tech
KC1CTM Christopher TurnerNewmarket NH None Tech
KB1KXJ Daral Makahusz Merrimack NH Tech Gen
KC1AVU John Mcdevitt Seekonk MA Tech Gen

Dayton, OH May 17, 2014     23 New Hams

KD8WNS Gary Curtis S Lebanon OH
KD8YPX Michael Wright Troy OH
KD8YRJ Mike Stice Miamisburg OH
KD8YRK Andre Slawnyk Saginaw MI
KD8YRL Kenneth Church E London OH
KD8YRM William Russo Beavercreek OH
KD8YRN Douglas Rose Blue Ash OH
KD8YRO Mike Jacobs Mason OH
KD8YRP Bryan Jeffers Stoutsville OH
KD8YRQ Jeffrey Atkinson Springfield OH
KD8YRR Rick Littleton Mansfield OH
KD8YRS David Hogden Fairborn OH
KD8YRT Stacy Littleton Mansfield OH
KD8YRU James Robinette Hamilton OH
KD8YRV Steve Benner Northville MI
KD8YRW Jerry Riesenberg Oxford OH
KD8YRX Patrick Kenrick Springboro OH
KD8YSL William Klint Troy OH
KD9BID Doug Treftz Aurora IL
KD9BIE Barry Tague Carmel IN
KK6MKN Kathy Burrow Oakhurst CA
KM4BKV Tim Wilshire Petersburg KY
KM4CQP Carolyn Porter Monroe, NC

Burlington, VT May 10, 2014     4 New Hams

KC1BWU Chris Allen Essex Jct VT
KC1BWV Duane Dunston Essex Jct VT
KC1BWW Nathan Lauter No Walpole NH
KC1BWX Nick Spina Essex Jct VT

Manchester, NH April 12-13, 2014     9 New Hams     3 pass General

KC1BPA Paulo Alves Saugus MA None Tech
KC1BPB Jason Alvarez Sharon MA None Tech
KC1BPC John Arnott Ayer MA None Tech
KC1BPD Armando Catano Manchester NH None Tech
KC1BPE Rick Ewans Dunbarton NH None Tech
KC1BPH James Lepich Georges Mills NH None Gen
KC1BPI Dan Rau Shirley MA None Tech
KC1BPJ Philip Rogers Lincoln RI None Gen
KC1BPK Kevin Webb Exeter NH None Tech
N1YLJ Emanuel Tickelis Haverhill MA Tech Gen

Nashua, NH November 23, 2013     12 New Hams

KC1AVN Matt Bixby Salem NH None Tech
KC1AVO Cindy Ginn Lyndeborough NHNone Tech
KC1AVP Kyle Keldsen Hollis NH None Tech
KC1AVQ Christian Le DouxHollis NH None Tech
KC1AVR Jean-Marc Le DouxHollis NH None Tech
KC1AVS Julie Le Doux Hollis NH None Tech
KC1AVT Mark Le Doux Hollis NH None Tech
KC1AVU John McDevitt Seekonk MA None Tech
KC1AVV Alison Pyle Hollis NH None Tech
KC1AVW Ricky Rines Milford NH None Tech
KC1AVX Jim Yantosca Windham NH None Gen
AB1US Mike Rogers Hollis NH None Extra

Manchester, NH November 9-10, 2013     14 New Hams     4 pass General

KC1ASH Diane Bitter Rye Beach NH None Tech
KC1ASI Roger Brodeur Londonderry NH None Tech
KC1ASJ George Carmichael Rindge NH None Tech
KC1ASK Biz Corrow Sandown NH None Gen
KC1ASL Jim Gullo Chester NH None Tech
KC1ASM Shane Hutchins Waterboro ME None Tech
KC1ASN David Johnson Londonderry NH None Tech
KC1ASO Steve Levine Manchester NH None Gen
KC1ASP Pj Schott Boston MA None Tech
KC1ASQ Richard Senneville Manchester NH None Tech
KC1ASR David Unkles Jr East Derry NH None Tech
KC1AST Jacob Unkles East Derry NH None Tech
KC1ASU Thomas Welman Milford NH None Gen
KC1AUQ Alfred Dyer Hooksett NH None Tech
KB1ZTX Walt Costa Middletown RI None Gen

Burlington, VT October 26-27, 2013     9 New Hams     5 pass General

KC1APK David Blin Colchester None Tech
KC1APL Ivor Hughes Ferrisburgh None Tech
KC1APM Amanda Perl Enfield NH None Tech
KC1APN Ernie Reuter Essex Jct None Gen
KC1APO Bette Reuter Essex Jct None Gen
KC1APP Alan Roberts St Albans None Tech
KC1APQ Brian Smylie S Burlington None Tech
KC1APR Andrea Van Hoven Shelburne None Gen
KC1APS Dennis White Wells River None Tech
KB1LHB Adam Lamore Bakersfield Tech Gen
N1LXI John Clift So Burlington Tech Gen

Dayton, OH May 18, 2013     17 New Hams

KD2FSD Phil Chantz Scarsdale NY
KC3AQH Marybeth Mcguire Greensburg PA
KC3AQI Ryan Mcguire Greensburg PA
KK4RHQ Frank Vassallo Oldsmar FL
KK4RHR Shawn Jacobs Demossville KY
KK4RHS Mark Brueggemann Union KY
KK4RHT Deborah Dunker Lagrange KY
KK4RHU Lana Thomas Bay Minette AL
KD8UZO Jerry Garrett Cincinnati OH
KD8UZP Shawn Garrett Columbus OH
KD8UZQ Joy Porter Springfield OH
KD8UZR Michael Roach Waynesville OH
KD8UZS Daniel Schaible Englewood OH
KD8UZT Megan Gibson Columbus OH
KD8UZV Gwynne Jones Huber Hts OH
KD8VAK Jeromy Hensley Cincinnati OH
KD8VDI Roger Winder Dayton OH

Hartford, CT April 28, 2013     17 New Hams

KB1DWF Harold Carta Sr Wallingford CT Tech
KB1ZTT Debbie Hunt-Scribner Trumbull CT Tech
KB1ZTU Ken Scribner Trumbull CT Tech
KB1ZTV William Pruyne E Longmeadow MA Tech
KB1ZTW Tomas Herazo West Haven CT Tech
KB1ZTX Walt Costa Middletown RI Tech
KB1ZTY George Gomez Woodbury CT Tech
KB1ZTZ Linda Garamella-Fusco Shelton CT Tech
KB1ZUA Tim Chase Willimantic CT Tech
KB1ZUB Eva Evancovitch Seymour CT Tech
KB1ZUC Harold Carta Jr East Hampton CT Tech
KB1ZUD Ro Toyoshima Ivoryton CT Tech
KB1ZUE Wayne Kilburn South Windsor CT Tech
KB1ZUF Joshua Lachs Weston CT Tech
KB1ZUG Kim Welch Seymour CT Tech
KB1ZUH Linda Cariri Stamford CT Tech
KC1AFJ Linda Cantavero Riverside CT Tech

Manchester, NH April 12-13, 2013     13 New Hams     11 pass General

KB1ZRU Nick Anastasiades Wilton NH None Gen
KB1ZRV Samuel Andrew Cambridge MA None Gen
KB1ZRW Alex Brace Manchester NH None Tech
KB1ZRX Turner Brown Bedford NH None Tech
KB1ZRY Dan Heitzman Marshfield MA None Gen
KB1ZRZ Judi Ingraham Longmeadow MA None Tech
KB1ZSA Eugene Kanter Lexington MA None Gen
KB1ZSB Alexandra Muskat Bedford NH None Tech
KB1ZSC Chuck Paltinavich Lynn MA None Tech
KB1ZSD Brian Nadeau Raymond NH None Tech
KB1ZSE Rick Szmauz New Ipswich NH None Tech
KB1ZSF Bruce Tostevin New Boston NH None Gen
KB1ZSG Bruce Wheeler Bristol NH None Gen
KB1VBE Barry Rector Nantucket MA Tech Gen
KB1WZW Walt Milano Chichester NH Tech Gen
KB1YQL Clifford Bryant Lexington MA Tech Gen
KB1ZGD Charles Piso Framingham MA Tech Gen
N1JWC Richard Nelson Hopkinton MA Tech Gen

Manchester, NH October 27-28, 2012     16 New Hams     5 pass General

KB1YUP Steve Faucher Fitchburg MA None Tech
KB1YVK Brendan Biggins Braintree MA None Tech
KB1YVL Jim Connelly Manchester NH None Tech
KB1YVM Mike Edwards Norton MA None Tech
KB1YVN Howard Coffman Nashua NH None Tech
KB1YVO Kevin Gordon Goffstown NH None Tech
KB1YVP Peter Jopek Canaan NH None Tech
KB1YVQ Elaine Hohmann Pelham NH None Tech
KB1YVR Thomas Keane Fremont NH None Tech
KB1YVS Bret Lane Dalton NH None Tech
KB1YVT Randy O'Neil Claremont NH None Gen
KB1YVU Randy Schaetzke Quechee VT None Tech
KB1YVW Dave Sweeney Amesbury MA None Tech
KB1YVX Dave Testerman Frankin NH None Gen
KB1YVY Gerardo Valdez Lynn MA None Gen
KB1YVZ Elizabeth Wolfgram Nottingham NH None Gen
KC6NPK Jon Healey Hooksett NH Tech Gen

Dayton, OH May 19, 2012     15 New Hams

KD8SLH Adam Bates Fowlerville MI
KD8SLI Kent Bowman Clinton Twp MI
KD8SLJ David Dellifield Ada OH
KD8SLK Oliver Easterday Riverside OH
KD8SLL Brian Ferree Piqua OH
KD8SLM Gerilyn Meany Germantown OH
KD8SLN Scott Porter Kettering OH
KD8SLO Krista Scott Petoskey MI
KD8SLP Nancy Silvers Columbus OH
KD8SMH George Lee New Knoxville OH
KB8SNY George Sleesman Ada OH
KB8SOC David Mohler Dayton OH
KC9WBB Kyle Marsh Greenwood IN
KC9WBC Cherry Wightman Normal IL
KJ6YAQ Dawn Cullen Del Mar CA

Manchester, NH April 14-15, 2012     23 New Hams     3 pass General

KB1WZB Clayton Monteer Concord NH None Tech
KB1WZF Kevin Barry Deerfield NH None Tech
KB1WZG Mary Cooper Newport NH None Tech
KB1WZH Richard Cooper Newport NH None Tech
KB1WZI Ken Day N Sutton NH None Tech
KB1WZJ Bill Ford Hampton NH None Tech
KB1WZK Tom Green Berlin MA None Tech
KB1WZL Steve Kalvelage Durham NH None Gen
KB1WZM Linda Nutter Krantz Bedford NH None Tech
KB1WZN Bill Krantz Bedford NH None Tech
KB1WZO Pete Kudarauskas Pepperell MA None Tech
KB1WZP Cassie Leavitt Hampton NH None Tech
KB1WZQ David Lefebvre Pepperell MA None Tech
KB1WZR Jeanette Ligouri Atkinson NH None Tech
KB1WZS Avis Malcuit Haverhill MA None Tech
KB1WZT Michael Malcuit Raymond MA None Tech
KB1WZU Brian Mallory Derry NH None Tech
KB1WZV Billie McCorkle Medford MA None Tech
KB1WZW Walt Milano Chichester NH None Tech
KB1WZX John Sobr Lebanon NH None Tech
KB1WZY Dan Sullivan Jamaica Plain MA None Tech
KB1WZZ Roger Whitehouse Danville NH None Tech
KB1YAA Pam Wilmot Medford MA None Tech
KB1USP David Boucher Methuen MA Tech Gen
KB1WIK Philip McIntyre Gilmanton NH Tech Gen

Burlington, VT March 24-25, 2012     5 New Hams     2 pass General

KB1WXL John Bethune Hinesburg None Tech
KB1WXM Bob Henneberger Colchester None Gen
KB1WXN Andre Hathaway Williston None Tech
KB1WXO Brad Ketover Richmond None Tech
KB1WXP Chris Norris Huntington None Tech
KB1ILS David Toscano Williston Tech Gen

There have been  1,118   graduates of the Weekend Ham Radio Class who have earned their license!

The Weekend Amateur Radio Course
November 23, 2016