RANV Holiday Party Survey

The 2019 RANV Holiday Party is
SATURDAY DECEMBER 14 starting at 12 NOON
at W1SJ Essex.
Please let us know if you are coming and what you plan to bring.

Please do not wait until the day before to let us know if you are coming, or not let us know at all. Early planning is very much desired - we need to know what to buy.
Any questions should go to W1SJ, not to the reflector.

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1. Will you be coming to the RANV Holiday Party?


If you answered "NO". You are done. No need to continue or even to submit this.

2. Will you be bringing anyone else to the RANV Holiday Party?

The club will provide the following:
Cold Cuts Platter (meat, cheese, bread, mayo, mustard catchup)
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Chocolate Cake
Plates, dinnerware, cups, napkins

3. What other food items should be provided:

Popular Needed items. These are suggestions, if you don't know what to bring.

    Early items (no later than NOON)

    Main Course items (12:30-1)

    Dessert items (2:00) We will already have a large chocolate cake.

    4. Check the items you plan to bring to the party. Specify details (what and how much) in the box.
    Early item: Appetizer
    Early item: Drinks
    Dinner Item
    Dessert Item

    7. What other activities should be organized at the party? (Note: we have eating and talking coverered - anything else?)

    Any other comments:

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