Located in Williston, Vermont

The identities of the operators and equipment have been concealed to protect the innocent.
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North Field showing (L-R) GOTA Tent with 40M above, 15M Yagi in center and CW Tent with 20M Yagi above. This old military tent was the home of the GOTA, VHF and Satellite stations.
Closeup of 2 El 40M Yagi, 5 El 6M yagi and VHF/UHF Collinear Closeup of the big mutha 6 El 15M Yagi. An 80M dipole is mounted above.
Closeup of the 4 El 20M Yagi. The South tower with 3 El Yagis on 20M and 15M.
Hiram bearing down with those big rates on 15M. Percy with a big run on 20M.
Here is Sparky posing at the Phone Station after it is all over. Charlie Whiskey running the radios and setting record totals on 20 CW.
Jeff (op) and Heff (coach) planning the GOTA attack. Ike and Mike producing a monster 6M run.
The intrepid Tear Down crew. Pictured (L-R):Hiram, Sparky, Percy, Boomer, DX, with Mike and Sparkette hiding in the back. Distant shot of the big antennas.

Photos by Hiram

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RANV Alumni at other FD Sites:

N1YWB operating N1YWB 1B, Mt. Laguna, SDG.
K1KD operating W0SA 5A, near Rochester, MN.

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Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
July 13, 2008