Friday - Sunday, June 25-27, 2016

Field Day 2015 Results

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We will be operating in the 2A Field Day category. The main stations will be on phone and cw. In addition, we will have a VHF Station, a GOTA (Get on the Air) Station and a Satellite Station.

All stations, except the GOTA station, will use the club callsign W1NVT. The callsign of the GOTA station will be W1PU.

The operation will run from 2pm Friday until 6pm Sunday.

The site is located on Redmond Road, in the town of Williston. Grid Square is FN34kl. We have a spectacular view from Southwest to North.

See all of the fun we have had in past year's while browsing the photo album.


Field Day doesn't happen by magic. Dedicated and knowledgeable people work together to make it happen. If you are an amateur radio operator in Northern Vermont, or plan to be in the area during Field Day, we'd love to have you join with us. Some of the jobs available:

The payment for your hard work: invaluable knowledge from the Field Day experts. And you get to receive all the bragging rights (but only if we do well).

If you are planning to participate, it is essential that we know who you are so that you can get all the pertinent information. While it is possible to "just show up", it is much, much better to be part of the planning process and get information about what is going on before arriving at the site where everyone is running around in chaos.

Our Field Day planning meeting will be held on Monday June 22nd at 7pm at the shack of W1SJ. If you are new to Field Day, this is the best way to get a feeling for what is about to happen on the weekend.

Sign up for whatever hours you can spare to be available. If you can't decide, then come for the whole show! Contact Mitch W1SJ or call (802) 879-6589 afternoons.


If you cannot participate with us, or your time is very limited, please come out to the Field Day site and visit the operation. This is important for two reasons: 1. It lets you know what your fellow amateur operators are up to and will get you inspired to come next year; and, 2. visitors help boost morale of the crew. Best time to visit is during the operating times Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday morning. Check Events for the full schedule of happenings.


If you cannot get out to the Field Day site, by all means, please attempt to contact us on as many bands as you can. We work very, very few amateurs in the local area and would like to increase this number. All QSO's with with us qualify you for the coveted W1NVT QSL card!


In Northern Vermont, our Field Day site can be contacted on the 145.15 repeater.

Our operating schedule is subject to changing band conditions. All times UTC and all frequencies very approximate. Based on current propagation conditions, here is the best guess as to where we might be found.

Phone and CW Stations W1NVT

1800-00002PM - 8PM14.1757.025, 14.025, 21.025
0000-06008PM - 2AM14.175, 3.8007.025, 14.025, 3.525
0600-12002AM - 8AM3.800, 7.2257.025, 3.525
1200-18008AM - 2PM7.200, 14.175, 21.2257.025, 14.025, 21.025

GOTA Station W1PU

Time PeriodSSB
Daytime14.275, 21.325
Nighttime14.275, 7.275

VHF Station W1NVT

Look for the VHF Station W1NVT on 50.130 SSB (top and bottom of hour) and also on 146.55 FM, and 446.0 FM.

The 145.15 repeater will be monitored at all times.

Satellite Station W1NVT

We will have operator coverage for passes on various satellites.



Route 2A (Exit 12 off of I-89) to Mountainview Drive. This is 2 miles north of I-89 or 1 mile South of Essex Junction.

Take Mountanview Drive EAST for 1 mile, make left on to Redmond Road.

Take Redmond Road to top of hill (less than a mile). Look for hams, antennas, guy wires, etc.

The exact location is 442809 N x 730506 W.


There are three areas of activity at the Field Day site. All areas are on the right hand side of Redmond Road, about a mile up from Mountainview Drive.

Start from the bottom (south) of the map, the first site you will come to is a blue tent near the road. Above the tent are monobanders for 20 and 15 meters. This is the phone station.

Continue down the road some 500 feet and up a small slope you come to a large tent structure, containing the GOTA station, VHF Station and Satellite Station. Above this tent you will see yagis for 15 and 6 meters as well as the satellite yagis. This is also our visitor area. The food area is adjacent to the GOTA station.

Finally at the north end of the site is will be the CW station. You will see a green tent and above it, a 60 foot tower containing a yagi and flashing red light.

Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
June 22, 2016

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